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Paul Van Doren is the genius creator behind the most popular skateboarding brand ‘Vans’. The first Vans store opened in March 16, 1966 in California. The company manufactured Vans shoes and sold them directly to the public that very same day. This business model saw the Vans brand explode and within a matter of years Vans was one of the most worn shoe brands in the world. The concept behind the Vans sneaker is what lead the brand to success; Paul Van Doren saw a gap in the skateboarding market. He wanted to create a sneaker that was cool but would withstand the falls that occurred when skateboarding. He started with the thick white rubber soles for grip, used durable leather & canvas & added old school style. He soon realised this was the perfect formula in creating the perfect sneaker. It was this type of innovative thinking the #44 Vans were born. The Van sneaker is design for longevity and comfort, combination of quality padding & leather that creates durable sneakers to last seasons after season. The old school designs are a great match for an individual who is self-expressed, carefree & ready for adventures. has a broad selection of Vans Shoes on Sale. With a range of colours and different styles, the Vans Shoe brand isn’t just for skateboarding- it’s a sneaker that is comfortable, cool & trendy. So browse collection of Vans Shoes, and purchase the trendiest & coolest Vans sneakers on sale today!