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Puma born in Germany 1948 with a simple football boot went on to have worldwide success with their fast thinking trendy sports gear. Puma’s humble beginnings saw them create and design sports gear for athletes and sport super stars, which now has expand to creating appeal and accessories for the everyday person or fitness lover. The worldwide success has seen them collaborate with singers, sport star, reality stars and designers such as Rihanna, Alexander Mcqueen and Kylie Jenner.. just to name a few.

Puma’s designs are edgy, cool and sleek, which will suit any of your needs, whether you’re an athlete ready to win a gold medal or stepping out for a run. Puma has you covered! The Puma customer is an individual, bold, fearless and ready to conquer the world. The varieties of colours are designed to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. The Platform sneaker is there to provide height and wow factor to your casual sport chic style. Team them up with denim, simple tee & backpack and you’re ready to start your day.

The puma sandal is all about comfort and making a simple statement, usually made with soft tones and designs, they are a perfect match for your everyday look. A Puma runner isn’t just a runner, it is made and designed to help you evaluate and enhance your strength, it will provide you with support through your journey.

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