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Shop Adidas Originals on Sale at Born in Germany on August 18, 1949, Adidas is now known worldwide for their old school styles with a modern twists. Adid Dassler the creator started in a simple wash room with just one ‘FOOTBALL SHOE’, which lead Adidas to become the game changer within the sporting industry forever. The Adidas iconic logos ‘3 white stripes’ and ‘trefoil’ are now the most recognised around the world and worn within the sporting industry.

The Adidas brand went from one shoe to designing apparel and accessories. The iconic brand ‘Adidas’ usually upholds their heritage for each design and never steers away from their roots. The brand celebrates the freedom to express your individuality and be who you want to be when wearing their brand, because of this the Adidas society and their success rises each year. Throughout the years Adidas remains loyal to their humble begins and never steers away from the original styles, only modifying them to suit the upcoming trends.

Adidas success lies in their shoes, the Adidas originals; Stan Smiths, Superstars, Gazelles and Campus, these Adidas sneakers are among the favourites. You will regularly see them on the feet of Sport stars, Music legends and Super models. Their success has lead them to collaborate with Stella McCartney and Kanye West, which saw people line up for days in front of Adidas stores to get their hands on the merchandise. It is safe to say that Adidas has made a large impact in the fashion world.

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